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Shine TV Headlines - 3 October 2013

ShineTV headlinesMaania Clarke brings today's headlines including latest poll shows growing support for Labour, there's been no progress made to end the America's government shutdown, and two New Zealanders arrested in Russia face charges any day.

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Friday, 13 September 2013 13:25

Labour Leadership vote will be revealing

Labour Party_logoLabour is hopeful its new voting system for party leader won't kneecap the man who gets the job

One thing the successful candidate will know on Sunday is exactly which parts of the party, including the caucus, like them, and which parts don't.

Party General Secretary Tim Barnett believes it'll be better than the old secret ballot system that sometimes saw complete fabrications get out about how people had voted.  Mr Barnett thinks the greater transparency is a better choice

The party organisation is to announce the result at Fraser House in Wellington, but the three competitors; Shane Jones, Grant Robertson, and David Cunliffe won't be there.

They're all expected to be at their own respective headquarters, when the numbers on the leadership bids are made public.

- RBG NEWS/Newstalk ZB

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Maori-postsThere's a call for all Maori to automatically be listed on the Maori Electoral roll. 

The Maori Party is seeking to change the Electoral Act in a way that may see it get more votes.  It has drafted a Member's Bill that MP Te Ururoa Flavell is submitting to the member's ballot today.  

The bill proposes to make the Maori roll the default for Maori voters as soon as they turn 18 years old.  They could choose to opt out and be registered on the general electoral roll.  

Maori Electoral_Option

Currently, Maori voters are able to choose between the two rolls and there has been a strong campaign to raise awareness about the Maori roll and encourage Maori to register for it.  However, Mr Flavell believes the Electoral Act as it stands does not promote strong Maori representation in Parliament.  

The Party website calculates that if all Maori were on the Maori roll, they would have 12 Maori seats.

- Newstalk ZB/ RBG News

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 19:28

Shine TV Headlines - 21 May 2013

ShineTV headlinesDavina William presents today's news, including the Inspector-General's report on GCSB surveillance of 88 New Zealanders; a call for parents to get social media-savvy to cope with cyber-bullying; Oklahoma City's deadly tornado; and the arrival of Middle Earth stars for shooting Sir Peter Jackson's next instalment of The Hobbit trilogy. 

From the RBG News Centre for Shine TV.

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St-Peters-VaticanCardinals will hold a final set of meetings, before they are locked away to choose a new pope to lead the Catholic Church.

The conclave triggered by the historic resignation of Benedict the 16th begins this week, with the eyes of the world on the 115 men who must nominate one of their own to take his place.

Three names have emerged as frontrunners - Odilo Scherer, a charismatic archbishop of San Paulo, Italian conservative Angelo Scola and Marc Ouellet, a Canadian who holds a senior Vatican position.

Meanwhile, the final touches are being put on the Vatican's preparations, for this week's papal conclave.

A special chimney has been installed on the Sistine Chapel, from which white smoke will signal the election of a new Pope.

If a cloud of black is emitted, cardinals have been unable to choose a successor to Benedict.

According to CathNews the conclave of cardinals will begin the process of picking the new Pope at 6pm tomorrow (Rome time).

- RBG NEWS/Newstalk ZB

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Kenya vote_line_VOAElection day for Kenya has drawn to a close.

Long lines of Kenyans had queued since before dawn on Monday to vote for their new president.  It is the first general election since the violently disputed polls of five years ago. Outgoing president, Mwai Kibaki, had beseeched the people to vote peacefully and avoid a repeat of that post-election riot, in which more than a thousand people were killed.

Despite his message, this year's ballot was marred by a deadly assault on police, just hours before polling started. Six policemen were killed in two separate attacks in the port city of Mombasa. One ambush involved some 200 youths armed with guns, and bows and arrows.

However, the scenes at other polling booths around the country were largely peaceful, with a substantial voter turnout. Early results show Uhuru Kenyatta taking the lead in the presidential poll, leading his main opponent, Prime Minister Raila Odinga, 57 to 39 percent. Final results could take up to seven days to be tallied.

The tense 2013 elections are seen as a crucial test for the country. Kenyans are not only voting for a fourth president but a host of other elected positions - such as senators, governors and members of parliament.

- Newstalk ZB

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 17:35

Voting for New Pope Brought Forward

Pope-Benedict-XVIVoting for the new Pope could begin as early as next week with Pope Benedict giving his approval for a conclave to be brought forward.

The meeting of the World's cardinals, to elect a new leader normally begins at least 15 days after the papal seat becomes vacant.

But it could now begin in the first few days of March.

The conclave has been overshadowed by the resignation of British Cardinal Keith O'brien over allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

As a result there will not be any British representation in the conclave to elect a new pope.

Pope Benedict steps down at the end of the month, and just over a hundred cardinals under the age of 80 will be eligible to elect his successor.

-Rhema News/ Newstalk ZB/ Photo: Newstalk ZB

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2013 will see the 120th anniversary of women's suffrage.

In 1893 New Zealand became the first nation in the world to grant women the right to vote.

Governor General Sir Jerry Mateparae says since that time women have made an ever widening contribution to our society.

He says as 2013 begins, it's time to recall the contribution of women to New Zealand and the many privileges we enjoy.

Sir Jerry says 2013 also marks the centenary of the last year of peace before two World Wars.

The image below is the first sheet of the giant suffrage petition signed by 'Mary J. Carpenter and 25,519 Others' that was submitted to Parliament on 28 July 1893. Suffrage leader Kate Sheppard's signature appears about halfway down the left column. The original is held at Archives New Zealand, Head Office, Wellington.


Newstalk ZB/RBG News


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Thursday, 29 November 2012 16:28

Palestinian UN Vote

A strategic studies expert says an abstention vote on a bid by Palestinians to gain a higher status at the United Nations could be the sensible thing for New Zealand to do.

The Palestinian Authority is seeking the status of a 'non-member state'.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully is still deciding whether New Zealand will vote yes, or abstain.

The vote happens in New York later today but Victoria University Professor of Strategic Studies, Robert Ayson says NZ would be wise to be cautious.

Listen below for the story.

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Thursday, 08 November 2012 16:39

US - a 'Christian' nation

Contributor: Frank Ritchie - TEARfund

Frank talks with Allan about the presidential elections and the things the candidates claim while campaigning.

Listen below for the story.

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