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Listen Again

13 Reasons Why

The TV series 13 Reasons Why has been in the headlines a lot recently, Luke talked with Jared Mullen the Deputy Chief Censor about the RP18 rating and what the process is for reviewing shows.


Adventure Sports in NZ

Adventure sports like paragliding, and bungy jumping have featured in the news recently for the wrong reasons – namely people being injured or killed while enjoying these pursuits, Steve Hanrahan Tourism Industry Aotearoa Advocacy Manager talked with Luke.


Freshwater Species

A report titled Our fresh water environment 2017, has found nearly three quarters of native freshwater fish species are threatened by or at risk of extinction, as well as a third of native freshwater invertebrates and a third of native freshwater plants. The report is part of the State of the Environment reporting series which measures water quality, quantity, biodiversity and cultural health. It found problems in all categories, Luke talked with the Ministry for the Environment Chief Executive Vicky Robertson.


Alcohol in NZ

Wellington is considering closing down two streets of the city centre on Saturday nights because of a perceived alcohol problem. It got us thinking about NZers relationship with alcohol and whether the binge drinking culture has perhaps gone too far. Nicki Jackson, Executive Director of Alcohol Health Watch talked with Luke.


The Case for Christ

Lee Strobel talked with Luke about his story as a journalist that was the begining of The Case For Christ.


Married At First Sight

The TV show Married at First Sight which is going to be hitting our screens soon is facing moral criticism due to the fact it trivialises the convenant of marriage, Lyndsay Freer Media & Communications Catholic Diocese of Auckland talked with Luke about her concerns.



A new website hopes to entice New Zealand’s youth away from the sea of tech surrounding them and back into nature – as well as get them caring about the environment for years to come. Luke talked with Paul Ward from Wildeyes.


Ending Poverty

New Zealand has a reputation as a beautiful and prosperous country that’s a great place to live and raise children. But for thousands of families living in poverty, the reality is very different, Salvation Army head of social services Major Pam Waugh chatted with Luke.


Best Before and Use-by Dates

How much notice do we really need to take of best-before and use-by dates? Luke talked with Sarah from Love Food Hate Waste.


Pacifism and Peace-Keeping

Professor Richard Jackson Deputy Director of The National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago, talks with Luke about peace-keeping and war.

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