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New Life for Old Shoes

Old sport shoes can often still have life in them, Leonie Leaver saw a need for sport shoes at a local school, created shoeboxx charity and the rest is history. Have a listen to her story....


The Panel Talks Inequality

Inequality was the subject of today's panel. Panelists include Major Campbell Roberts from the Salvation Army, CAP CEO Aimee Mai and political commentator Bryce Edwards, and hosted by Andrew Urquhart.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Indian Evangelical Mission

Raja Singh Elias is the General Secretary of Indian Evangelical Mission, who is currently in NZ.  He talked with Andrew about the history of the mission and where it's at today with its work within India.


The Kiwi Camino

Andrew Urquhart talks to the Rev Iain Gow about pilgrimages and the creation of a Kiwi pilgrimage modeled after the Camino de Santiago with a specific NZ context.  

More info on the Kiwi Camino here.


Julia Grace

Andrew Urquhart talks to Julia Grace about her life, music and a new ministry.



This week we are catching up with Jeriel. She is a young singer/songwriter based in the Hawkes Bay who has a sweet debut EP out called Beautiful Grace. So, we are going to have a chat about the songs the stories that inspired them.

Made with the help of NZ on Air, it’s Homegrown Saturdays Nights at 6 on Rhema 


Promise Keepers

Tony McKeown is a speaker at the upcoming Promise Keepers Men's Event in Christchurch. Andrew Urquhart caught up with Tony to find out his story and what he'll be sharing at Promise Keepers.

Here's the link to their website.


Cola with a Difference

Karma Cola is a cola drink with a difference in addition to paying farmers a fair price, Karma Cola works directly with cola nut farmers in Sierra Leone, to help rebuild their crops and their communities in the aftermath of war. Andrew Urquhart caught up with Simon Coley from Karma Cola and asked him out all started....


100yrs On The Street

The Street church in Wellington is about to celebrate 100 years of ministry. To mark the occasion, the church decided to celebrate with a book about their journey called 100 Years on The Street. Andrew Urquhart caught up with the Senior Pastor of the Street to find out more about this book and the church's long history.

Here's the link for the book.

Part 1

Part 2


Your Greatest Life Accomplishment

Plus all the links and extra bits from Holly & Dan for Wednesday August 9.

Our hero of the day was this Dad who crawled to the edge of a cliff to face his fear of heights!

Today's Twitterfeed featured this pearl of wisdom from Michael Gungor

Today's Bible Society Verse of the Day is Proverbs 4:12: 'When you walk, your steps will not be impeded; and if you run, you will not stumble.'

We asked for your biggest accompishment in life so far, and wow!! What an amazing audience we have - here's a few of our favourite messages:
Brenda: We survived immigration ! We are now applying for citizenship. It has taken 8 years to achieve this. So thankful.
Amanda: I set up a charitable trust in Ethiopia and managed it , living there, for five years. :-)
Laura: My biggest accomplishment would have to be the book I wrote. I haven’t shown it to anyone, but it took a long time to write!
Jamie: I've been raising my son with special needs.  Gosh it's hard but I would count that as my biggest accomplishment

Today is Tell A Joke Day, which for Dan is basically just another Wednesday... (So did you hear about the magical tractor? It was driving down the road and then it turned into a field!!)

This police academy uses "The Chicken Test" to make sure its cadets are focused and unable to be distracted by ANYTHING


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