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We know that this can be a pretty hectic part of any day! Tune in to Nerida on your drive home for fantastic music, quirky competitions and newsy bits and pieces.
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Dams in NZ

After years of drought California finally has finally had some rain, unfortunately it has meant the second largest dam in the country has faced a catastrophic failure with erosion of the spillway. Thousands of residents downstream have been evacuated as engineers try to fix the breach before more storms arrive. Luke talked with Peter Lilley from Trustpower about the safety of Dams in NZ.


Awaroa Beach

It's been one year since Duane Major and friends spear-headed the crowd-funding page to buy back Awaroa Beach, Luke caught up with him and found out how it's been going?


NZ's Newest Theme Park

Whoa! studios started as a daydream, it's NZ's newest theme part with puppets, restaurants and playgrounds. Luke talked with creator Dave Sutherland.