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Freeing people from bonded labour!

25 million people currently live in bonded labour slavery.  At freeslaves.org they work to redeem families in Pakistan working in bonded labour.  Project Director Geoff Woodcock joined Andrew by phone to talk about how he felt called to set free those caught in bonded labour slavery.


Bishop of Christchurch on Earthquake Anniversary

On the 8th Anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake Andrew spoke with the new Bishop of Christchurch Peter Carrell about how the city is coping eight years on.


Overcoming overwhelm at work!

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed, perhaps overcommitted to too many things?  Tanya Unkovich joined Andrew in the studio to talk about how to overcome those overwheliming feelings.


David Riddell - Marriage

Author and councilor David Riddell shares some of his thoughts on marriage.




Ethical Shopping

 The Salvation Army have launched an ambitious project called The Good Shop, Andrew found out how it works.


10,000 Dreams

The 10,000 Dreams Project is the brainchild of Fraser Grut, where over 10,000 days he films the dreams of 10,000 people.  Fraser joined Diane in studio to talk about the project.


Breaking up with Fear

Fear can be a very common feeling with many people not even realising that they are held captive to it.  Janene Forlong had her own personal journey with fear however now teaches people how to break free this feeling.  She joined Andrew in studio to talk about her journey and her book 'Where Fear Rules'.


Future of Coffee Under Threat!

The future of coffee may be at risk!  A new study suggests that popular coffee species going extinct.  Andrew talks about this with Molly Harriss Olson the CEO from Fairtrade Australia and NZ and why Fairtrade coffee really does make a difference here.


A Girl Called Hope

A Girl Called Hope is a non–profit organisation working with young women who face life–controlling issues and behaviour.  Dani and Kerry from 'A Girl Called Hope', came into the studio to talk about what they do and their new partnership with Hillsong Citycare and the Shine and Strength programmes.  Andrew started by asking Kerry what is 'A Girl Called Hope? 


Making sandwich wraps with Beeswax


Diane Campbell and myself thought we'd have a go at making our own Beeswax wraps, here's the proof that we did.

Here's how you make them:

You need some nice fabric, 35cm x 35cm (or whatever size you want) beeswax, non-stick baking paper, iron and old towel. Put the towel on the bench, put a sheet of paper on the towel, then your fabric, scatter over the wax, another layer of paper and then iron until it melts. It'll take a couple of minutes to cool and then it's good to go. So easy.

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