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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Val says,

Please pray for my husband and I are struggling to conceive another child. The Lord has made so many miracles in the Bible. We believe our wait has a purpose. Thank you

Anne says,

Please pray God starts opening doors of opportunity for me to start heading towards work.

Samantha says,

Please pray for swift healing from a tummy bug in our family. My husband is a dairy farmer, and I am full-time mum to our 4 preschoolers. Very draining at an already busy calving time!! Thank you!

Paulette says,

For Gillian considering a change due to severe arthritis

Paulette Sales says,

For Ingrid having treatment for tumor and pancreatic cancer

Paulette Sales says,

Prayer for Immy a beautiful young girl who has inoperable brain tumors

Reecey Elizabeth says,

For my son Teryn to be healed from Mental Illness. To be used in his powerful giftings for our Lord.

Reecey Elizabeth says,

My sons Elijah, Justin and Adam set free now, no more being controlled by satan. Strong demonic control over their lives, through childhood hurts, abuse, rejection neglect. Released delivered today.

Reecey Elizabeth says,

Heavenly Father is using me daily within the Prophetic realm, I laid down my life to do his will. Everything has been taken from me, I have no one but him to turn to. I need prayer to remain strong.

Leanne says,

Please pray for Gateways Christian Fellowship Church, Palmerston North for Open day this Sunday that the church will bo packed.

Marybeth says,

Thank you Jesus for this wonderful opportunity to pray for the community like this - pse hear the cry of those who most need your comfort & love & abundant blessings to Rhema/Star/staff - beautiful xx

Marybeth & Eric says,

Merciful Jesus I ask you from the depths of my heart to cover those on this prayer wall including Eric & I as he struggles with his cancer t/ment. Pse strengthen & lift depression in your Holy name,

LCM says,

Precious Jesus would my husband and I wisdom on whether to purchase a block of land. We give all the glory and honor. Amen

Marlene says,

Please pray for our Mum who is very unwell in hospital, and is fighting for her life. Despite the worldly diagnosis our God is a God of healing and love so please pray for her, in Jesus mighty name!

Lin says,

God will bless my womb and fulfill what He has shown me to be a mother again. May my girls then be a blessings to God all of their lives.

Linda Schoonderw says,

For mum to know Jesus, may her last years be full of faith and clarity of mind. Praise God. For dad to be healed in his brain. For his mind to be healed, operating as God intended it to be.

Siegie Hattingh says,

Please cry out to God for my entire family extended family and partners be radically saved and that God would accomplish His plan and purpose for all us. Also for complete healing for Emilie.

Stephen says,

Would appreciate more prayer for breakthrough in finances, new direction and a relationship. Very draining. Many thanks

Rowan Durward says,

Please pray for my son who had tightness in his leg muscles so it is difficult for him to walk on his flat feet without splints. Pray for complete healing of the nerves to his legs. Thank you!

Inoke says,

Can you please pray for my spiritual life, my work and my family especially my son Marika. Please Pray over his school work and for God to give him the wisdom to make the right choice in his life.

Robyn says,

Please pray for my Mum for healing from a skin ulcer, for restored energy and motivation and for peace & healing. Amen. Thank you. God Bless

Lisa says,

Pray for healing of my mother who has been in constant pain most of her life and has had enough. Holy spirit fall on her and give her comfort

Lisa says,

Pray for healing of my grand daughter Mila 18 months has broken her leg in 2 places. Pray no surgery is required. Pray for family under a lot of stress and trying events that keep mounting up.

Vicky says,

Loosing hope and in amongst everything else I need a car and a place to live. Thanks

Bek says,

Please pray for peace and encouragement after a big upset in my life. Feeling lost and upset, needing God’s favour and blessing.

T’ says,

Prayer of deliverance from his head injury which causes violent outbursts and lust, angry, unforgiveness please pray I’m in a bad place and I need spiritual help

Trish says,

My friend has a very rebellious adopted daughter who seems to be intent on making life as difficult as possible for those around her. Also her husband to have a successful operation soon.

Alex Bruce says,

My son is 22 years old and has become involved in drugs after a car crash , he was the driver and a passenger died , he since wrote off another car? Hes left home to live with a person using p ,

K Hazell says,

prayer my family salvation, that I will be fulfill the purpose I have been call to do and be drawn closer to the LORD, pray for my son in obtaining his visa.

L says,

That my wife and I truly commit to Jesus instead of living a lie and that our marriage become real and a blessing to eachother

Karen says,

Please pray for peace of mind for Thomas who is struggling with depression.

Esther says,

My husband and I with our daughter are in the process of buying our first and we’re currently at the “looking for a house” stage..can you please pray with/for us? Thank you

GM says,

Please pray for healing for these people who have cancer: my sister Kathy, Benjamin (suspected cancer), Ian, Bill, Nita, Roses husband and Paula, thanks.

Jane says,

Please can you pray for God to presence at a writing workshop this weekend in Wellington and for Mandy, the tutors salvation. This is so appreciated. Shalom, jane

Rosy says,

May God please be with & bless my children. May I be a Mother that they can look up to & be proud of, may I be the mother that God wants me to be. Amen

Rose says,

I want to thank God for all my blessing & ask God to be with all the people on this prayer wall & may God hear and answer all of them. In His Name. Amen

Fiona Bellinger says,

For my 18yr son Nathan. Teenager struggling. issues with drugs and alcohol. Not holding down a job for long. has so much potential.. Saul to Paul was a word spoken over him age 4 & I claim it again

CPK says,

Pls Pray I may truly feel Jesus to live with integrity in every part of my broken life marriage and fam for total healing for my daughter that she may find God again and true God loving friends tks

Christina says,

Please pray for my family and I to be free from financial stresses. We are drowning and in need of a miracle. I am grateful that we have each other to lean on & for what we have been given. Thank you.

Frocy says,

Pls pray for Magenta God healing and clear her chest of mucus and give her good health, strength and energy. And also healing of Daisy Mae colic and have good sleep. and good health.

Frocy says,

Pls pray for Greg for deliverance from the lies of the enemies. God will deliver him from anger,pain and bitterness. God will bless him with compassionate ,understanding heart towards his children.

Frocy says,

pls pray for Angela Sales who is undergoing surgery of thyroid cancer on 3rd week of July. God will bless the doctors, medical specialists wisdom to remove all the nodes and cancer cells.

Frocy says,

Pls.pray for Frank that God will give him self confidence and strong determination to succeed in his job to get a promotion and salary increase to provide for his family.

Don Schwass says,

On Prayer Day on Friday, could you please pray for our son Matthew who is 35 .Pray for completion of healing from autism,brain injury,epilepsy,bowel disorders, and for a release of speech. Thankyou.

Trish says,

Married to unbeliever, very difficult marriage, regular arguing etc. Also despite doing my best to raise four children in the truth, none want to follow Jesus and eldest has totally rejected God.

Granmother says,

Please pray for daughter and her friend to navigate there way through situations as they arise and to deal with issues at hand fro Gods peace wisdom and rest at this time .

Todd says,

Painful cyst in lower back region. Please pray for healing and no reoccurrence of this issue. Thank you Lord for your healing provision and your mercy! Praise you Jesus.

ludovic says,

sorry to ask you again new prayer PLEASE still i ask Jesus to heal oksana , a widow in kiev, ukraine (she can t work) and help nastia -her daughter student_to live a decent life with more christian

Bianca says,

Please pray for me.i have made bad financial decisions. Now i have so much debt. Please pray that God gives me a second chance and takes away all my debt and provides me with a financial breakthrough

Natasha says,

Please pray for my boys and I that we find another house to rent, the stress is taking its toll on me and want nothing more than my boys to have the security of a house, praise you lord