Send your prayer to the wall...

If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Gabrielle says,

Praying for powerful healing and comfort. Has an aneurysm in her brain.

Tania says,

I feel like things have gotten to the crunch point, things are totally out of my control and now the only answer is for God to move and make a way through, I need a miracle desperately please pray thx

David says,

Please pray for my 12 year old son to come back home. It has been nearly 4 weeks since we have seen him and we all love and miss him terribly. Thank you

tyrone says,

pray for me

Anonymous says,

Please pray for my daughter who is going for a job interview today. Pray that everything works out well in her favour.

Lynne Davescovich-Butcher says,

My Mum,Val has dementia & is now in care. Please pray that she will settle in,make friends & be happy;legal issues to go ok; & guidance for my decision to sell my house & where God needs me to be. Thx

Norma says,

Have an offer on my unit please pray that the sale goes through without any hiccups thanks

Delicia says,

Pls pray for my cousin, Barbie, who is having breast surgery today for breast cancer. She is not a believer and I have been praying for her for years.

R says,

For breakthroughs in financial area and work

R says,

Prayer for a financial turn around and for employment Breakthroughs

Catherine Tagalo says,

Please pray for our whanau as we continue to work with whanau who dont know Jesus. A covering for Lawrence and I and our 6 children and all that God is calling us to do.

Linda says,

Hi family could I please ask for prayer in healing from my last relationship and childhood trauma and that I may come out stronger happier and more in love with myself and knowing my self worth thanku

PLS says,

Please pray the truth about a very abusive, controlling and nasty man Stephen,W and his equally controlling parents becomes obvious to everyone. Pray the women he has hurt, sexually, physically, psychologically, emotionally, physically and in so many

Jonathan says,

Please pray parliament will not legalise abortion and that this nation will turn back to God with all their hearts

Shirley says,

Please pray for me and my husband as we are at the start of our marriage we need prayers and uplifting and to pray for a child from God , and our family, God will make a way and open closed doors.

Catherine says,

I am a well balanced person at 59 yrs old never married. No children and I really want God to help me have a social life .. I get quite lonely please pray for me xx

Sarah says,

Please pray for me as my left knee infeced after I fell of my scooter 2 weeks ago please pray for fast healing Sarah King Southland

Rowan says,

Please pray for my children to return to the Lord, pray for their wife and fiance to come to know Jesus also

Mel says,

I have mental health issues and I cant control my anger. Please pray to God to heal me.

Natasha says,

Please pray for my beautiful friend Nicole who has just learnt that her daughter of 3 years of age may be carrying a genetic mutation that could end her life very early

Jane says,

Please pray for me. I really need your prayer.

JJ says,

My husband is pessimistic about everything in life. Pls pray that he may learn to trust in Christ and hold strong onto Him and get ready to face tough situations in life happily in Christ

Rachel says,

Hello! I have finally decided to gift the Word of God (Bible) to my unbelieving boyfriend this Christmas. Please pray that God would enable him to have ears to hear and eyes to see. Thank you.

helen says,

hello i pray for blessing of restoration in my family me and my beautiful children have just overcome a storm and now in a healing process i pray for strength knowledge grace upon us love joyfulness

Derek Te Aotonga says,

We would like prayer for two people, my wife Glenna who is suffering from severe respiratory disease and for Darren Toi who is schedule to have open heart surgery tomorrow,

Rhema (age 7) says,

to the lord how loves me so much. i love my family but i feel like it needs to be more exciting. I need help letting Mum go when she drops me off at school. I think I need more christian friends.

HG says,

My friend has totally lost her faith in God because of depression, and verbal abuse. Please pray for her to get through this rough time in her life and for God to invade all aspects of her life.

Suzi says,

I am finding parenting hard....i need a softer gentler and more loving approach but feel worn down by horrible teens. Please will you lift me to God and pray that I can be all those things to my kids

annoy says,

To overcome the feeling of being emotionally drained. Asking the Holy spirit to lead and guide me through this situation.

Tracey ball says,

Hi there could you please pray for full time employment for me. I am 52 yrs old and live in Rotorua. I have been looking for 3 months. God can do anything, and i want him to get all the glory.

anon says,

I pray that God would heal my depression forever and fill me with his joy and peace instead.

Gerry says,

Please pray for my grand mom to walk again and may God extend my territory

Gerry says,

Please pray for my grand mom to walk again and may God extend my territory

Nicole says,

Job to be financially stable Secure future for children Own our own home Get our bussiness up and running

Steve says,

Please continue to keep Jeremy in prayer .. he is in recovery from a serious stroke needing speech and leg healing. Not believers yet , but dear friends. Thank you.

KC says,

For my husband who feels overcome by guilt and shame that he feels he is unable to overcome it.

Belle says,

Please pray for healing of my kidneys. They are failing and am not far off requiring dialysis. Thanks in advance.

L says,

Finishing a course in December. Please pray for excellent marks & finish on time and very well paying work. Thank you!

PLS says,

Please pray for my daughter Vanessa she is hurting so badly and is being controlled and manipulated by her dad into being away from the people she loves. Pray she will stay safe and heal.

Friend says,

Can I ask for complete supernatural healing from.all.sickness for my friend Basillia who is very sick with fluid on.her lungs and has sickness in her bowels and blood.please pray for complete healing

Mary says,

Help me and husband trust each other.

J says,

To get a job or part time work to balance bills and play. pray 4 our 3 kids to have friends who want to know Jesus and healing people who are sick with cancer. pray for schools n workes 2 know Jesusxo

AJ says,

Our daughter going to college in 2019 with very worldly leadership along with girl ADHD that is hard to get diginosed because mainly at home the aggressivness and depressed on a computer all the time.

MC says,

Please pray for total restoration in marriage, family and home

Dmitry says,

God bless me and heal ...

Norma says,

I have moved to live with my daughter in a cottage on their property but I need to sell my unit in whangarei as the money is needed to help with the mortgage here . Please pray for the sale of it

Andrew E says,


JOSIE says,


Dmitry says,

Brothers and sisters, please pray for the rapid healing of tissues after surgery. Will bless you

Linda says,

I pray for everyone on this wall may they be blessed in Jesus name