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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

J says,

Please pray for my husband, his Manager does not handle pressure/stress well & just called him an unfair word which he is not. Please pray there will be respect & ongoing peace & help for this

Kerry says,

Pray for our marriage for my husband who has medical issues and for my grandchildren

Simone Blanche says,

Please pray we are made new, refined, our finances and JEHOVAH love Us.Thank you. ABBA love you.

Tami says,

Thankful for gods grace and mercy, strength and love. Praying for patience, love, care, unity, laughter, communication ,understanding, support, commitment, change for the better in my marriage.

Matt says,

Please pray that god will heal my broken marriage amen.

Juan Soler says,

Please pray for the salvation, deliverance and emotional healing of Paola in Miami. Pray also that the Lord brings Spirit filled Christian friends into her life and God enables her to walk away from ungodly company. Thanks!

ADHD says,

Tired no meds, poor learners try to help, but pushed away with unkindness. Try to make rules and order we go to church and listen to word for today going to prayer group for youth want to trust God

Dmitriy says,

Brothers and sisters, please pray for the solution of all the problems in my life, God bless you and solve all your problems ...

tapairu te momo says,

lord head brain body suffering from seizures right now r heading to hospital on ambulance lord angels in front above below and next to me and my mum and sister amen

Kathy says,

Please Lord let all work out well for my son in law s move to a different position . May he ask for what he needs too . Thank you Liord

Kathy says,

Lord please reveal the truth about my son so we can help him Thank you Lord

Kershaw says,

Pray for his new job within company and courage to ask for what he needs in way of travel allowance or vehicle to get to work They want him badly but he’s humble and shy for own needs Thank you Lord

Benjamin J papa says,

Benjamin has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer .Please support him in prayer as he believes God can heal him .As he stands on the word agree with him in prayer for healing Please God Bless

Janice says,

Please pray for my son and family who own a ag contracting business that their equipment will be freerom breakdown, staff will be kept safe and that they will see God working in their finances

husband n wife says,

we have 3 kids and very few rules and tired life is go go go. We are not on same page raising 3 kids 12, 10, 8 and money as well as christianity tricky need work debt free

Delwynne Moore says,

4 Braxton and family friends. He had heart surgery, renal failure and leg amputation, died yesterday. They may be praying for ressurection

Jill says,

Has fibromyalgia which is getting worse to the point that even though I only work part-time, each day I work ,. By the evening I am in severe muscle spasm in the back and sometimes neck.

anon1 says,

I pray for a wonderful Christian husband who I will praise God for

Nicola says,

Please pray for healing of legs and painful foot


Healing for my son, Alex. On the Autism Spectrum. High Anxiety which isolates him from the outside world. Effectshis schooling (14 yrs old); from activities he used to love; Trauma endured;

Aimee says,

Please pray for a miracle for my family that ALL my grandchildren would be returned to the care of their mother quickly. That God would step into our situation and put our family back together again.

J says,

Praying that I will not be or at least feel isolated & will have Godly support & financial blessing to complete my gift/calling without delay.

J says,

Praying my siblings will have the strength to face truth & to not lie, to know that Grace is there. That God will help them know how to repent & of what. That they will stay away from corrupt person

Jodeen says,

Please pray for my husbands health. For God to heal him physically and spiritually.

ian says,

Please keep praying for Vic, Ellie, Zoe, their mum Heather & dad Dave in Melbourne. Eating disorder, self-harm, attempted suicide & drugs are ripping them apart. H is having counselling now - praise!!

Stephanie says,

My daughter to get back to being in a close relationship to Jesus and use her wonderful talents for him and not the world which has dragged her away

Stephanie says,

A friend with extreme problems with her teenage children. She’s worn out and needs encouragement to keep going and turning to God

Stephanie says,

For my cousin. Her two sons have serious life controlling issues . She’s struggling in her job and is involved in an unfair legal problem

Dmitriy says,

Brothers and sisters, pray, please, for the healing of my brother from alcoholism and for the surgical operations of my mother and me to go through without problems ...

Geoff says,

Waiting on being provided a car. Has medical history and is going through the process to get a car but finding it difficult at the moment without transport.

Gloria says,

Please pray for healing for Harvey (5 years old) who is in and out of Starship hospital due to the flu/asthma/respiratory problems, and please also pray that his family may love and know God. Thankyou

Annalisa says,

Please pray for my mother and I. We are being harassed by a couple who are renting in the house next door. Please pray for their depature. Thank you.

Karen says,

I decree healing, financial, peace, comfort and strength to each prayer request listed, the faith to continue to be strong in the obstacles, I declare that these things be done now, Peace be still.

Karen says,

Pray for my strength to live upright and respectable life, I ask forgiveness for not being truthful. Strengthen son to live sober stable life, sons & daughter to live healthy, financial life. Thanks

Annie McEwin says,

Please pray for healing of my friend Courtney who has been diagnosed with crohn disease - she has been in hospital for 2 weeks - medical staff are looking for a medication fix. Thank you x

Dmitriy says,

Brothers and sisters, pray, please, for the healing of my brother from alcoholism and for the surgical operations of my mother and me to go through without problems ...

Leo says,

Lord please help my financial situation as I am leaving this job but I pray that You will give me another one to support my family and our current financial situation.. please Lord

Anne C says,

Lord thank you for opening the doors to possible employments.. please help me succeed in the interviews and tests. You know how hard it was to get to this spot but I thank you!

Aroon Dey says,

It is final yr of my G.Child ANKIT MOHAPATRA in show him path-- either better job or for higher study

nadine michelle says,

Two co-workers have made false allegations against me claiming I pushed and threatened one of them and the other is falsely claiming to have witnessed this. I have lost my job over these false allegations. Please pray that God reveals the truth about

Annon says,

Please pray for my daughter who is having issues with her sickness, work and stress. Please pray that God guides her through this hard time in her life.

Anon says,

Please pray for our missions organisation working with the marginalised. Funded by business activities, tough times recently, cash is incredibly tight, we need a miracle to pay everyone this week

Dmitriy says,

Lord, save my brother from alcoholism, and please do so that my mother has a good surgical treatment ..

Katerina says,

Please pray for my teenage son Anton who is struggling with depression and anxiety, that he will open his heart to Jesus and find a peace. Praying for all young people in the world. Lord save them!

Anon says,

Heavenly father heal my broken heart, heal my family, and if it is your will please heal my marriage, amen

Anon says,


Liz L says,

Please pray for healing of arthritis that is affecting every part of my body. Pray that the chronic pain will leave and my mobility improves.

Wayne&Jen says,

If you pray for our marriage-my wife & I have seperated,if you pray for change in us through this most difficult time & to pray for Jen my wife to heal.Reconciliation & restoration & victory



loretta says,

please pray for me to get another job with a an expected salary.