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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

EB says,

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead my husband. My husbands weakness is dwelling on the past and it really breaks my heart and our r/ship becomes complicated because of it 😢 it’s so hard ,

Anonymous says,

Lord we give thanks for all those who require pray on the prayer wall.Thank you Lord you hear our prayers.We give thanks to you Lord the maker of heaven and earth.

ludovic sarraz-b says,

sorry to ask you again THANKS FOR YOUR HELP please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for my friends named oksana nastia and ioulia in kiev

😀 says,

A Mind set on things above. No longer lead by mans philosophy but by the Spirit of Christ Jesus that dewells within me. Not afraid of the many face of man. Nor the anger of man.

Oliver says,

To be transformed by the renewing of my mind. An Inner structural over hale of mentality understand ,behaviour ,attitudes and perceptions.For sight to see to hear and implement presents Day truths.

Anon says,

Please pray for my husband he got mad with me about a week ago and will not talk. I feel he is depressed as he is always going on about witches having power and reckons our neighbours are witches

ES says,

Can I please have prayer for my husband as I feel he is suffering with depression and is constantly going on about witches having greater power and trying to make me go along with his beliefs.

Leanne says,

Kerryand Shirley.are expecting a baby next month.He has an anger n jealousy problem. i pray that he has a real encounter with God!. And he confess about something serious he has done! Thanks prayers.

EB says,

Lord, I pray everyday that I can be spirit lead so I can be a good wife to build up my husband. My husband is not a believer nor a strong minded person but I know you’re a God of mercy, love and help.

Anonymous says,

God is great 👍🏽 God answered a prayer of mine this week and I’m grateful to him for doing so. This week my husbands sisters heart was convicted by the Holy Spirit ☺️ Best feeling knowing GOD IS ALIV

Nicole says,

please pray for my break out from my drug addiction...I am struggling & it is destroying all parts of life. also i am in a lot of debt & burdening everyone I love...I am drowning & need peace please

Heather Peek says,

Please prayer my Southern African Visa comes through in time to travel to SA to meet my sisters so we can do my mothers ashes which have planned for 3 years & celebrate her 90th birthday Thank you

Sheila Rainford says,

Please pray for my upcoming surgery, 13 April, I slipped at home on 1st September 2017 and damaged my rotator cuff and I have torn my tendon.

anon says,

I pray that God would heal my depression forever

anon says,

I pray for a wonderful Christian husband that I will praise God for

Tracey says,

Urgent breakthrough for the house we want.

Anonymous says,

Please pray for my husband, hes giving up because he cant let go of the past. I need him to know that the past is gone and Im not the same person anymore.

Tarsh says,

Please pray for me as i had major surgery a couple of months ago & now im getting really bad after effects. Help me to sleep and and rest and come to terms with what has been done.

Anonymous says,

My husband is threading to leave but I know God’s mercy will follow. It hurts so bad and I feel so miserable 💔 my heart is seriously breaking 😣

Shirl says,

God is amazing !! Prayer support please for direction in life , for god to keep carrying me through the challenges .

Rachel says,

Marriage problems at present , also going through a financial audit , really needing god to get me through this.

Anonymous says,

Today I’m really struggling :( I love my husband so much but he won’t accept me because of my past. I feel hurt and miserable. I cannot explain this feeling.

Daz says,

I have a drug addiction fighting sadness and depression by Jesus grace and mercy may i keep my heart soul and mind strong I struggle every day having to go to work to survive God please help me.

Anonymous says,

Please pray for my husband... it’s the third day and he’s still angry and holding on things that poison him. 😔 it really hurts me to see him like that but I can’t save him, ONLY Jesus can. 💔💔💔

Anonymous says,

Please pray for my husband. He gets extremely tired, has heart palpitations, hot rashy skin on face & irritated eyes, & sometimes problems with sleeping. He is not a believer, but is wondering. Thanks

Anonymous says,

Please pray for healing. I get headaches, swollen ears, swollen throat, tiredness, skin issues. Thank you so much.

gian says,

please pray for me i am 11 years of age and i just want to be free and i am going throw lots of things in my life and ya and pray for the people who do not Jesus

Anonymous says,

Please pray that my husband finds love in his heart. He is very hard to talk to when he’s upset and he will not let go of the past that has nothing to do with him. I pray he finds Jesus and accept him

Anonymous says,

Please pray for me. Im going through a very difficult time at the moment. Thank you.

Terilee says,

I would really appreciate a prayer for our beautiful cat Margaret who has now been missing for 3 days, and she is missed by all our family members. Pray she comes home well and unharmed

Vladimir says,

I need the deliverance from my sins: pornography, masturbation, homosexuality. I am marred and have 2 kids. I am believer and serve in Jewish congregation. please pray for healing my soul. Thank you

jan hyndman says,

pray for a house for family in Cromwell who have been in camping ground for 6mths with 7 children it will soon be so cold

EB says,

Please pray for my husband. He struggles with letting go of the past... He hurts me because he has no love in his heart. I still love him and I’m trying but it’s such a struggle :(

gina says,

please pray for my youth/church because i feel that the holy spirt is not in our church

gina says,

please pray for my friends because they just dont see what i see in the o mighty god

gin says,

please pray for glenavon school because some people dont know the great god that i know

Violet says,

Prayer for Me and My husband for a Marriage that God is the centre of our lives and he is our foundation in the marriage. I also ask to pray for him personally for a change. Thank You

Pamela says,

Please pray for my husband who suffers frome epilepsy.

Pam says,

Please pray for my daughter who is starting a job on Thursday that she will do well and get more work.Thank you.

Emily says,

I pray for the ability to be able to move on from a relationship that ended with someone I still care about deeply. I feel so lonely and replaceable. I pray that I will be able to trust in God.

Laumanu Fine says,

Please pray for my daughter she when through surgery on her left foot. Please pray for my family financial. Kind Regards

Kenzia says,

Please pray for a very personal matter to happen for me in the end on March 2018.This will be a big break for my finances and will and will allow to help many in need.In Jesus name.Amen

DALEEN says,


daleen says,

pray for my daughter YOLANDI for heeling and what she will received the job that God had for her and good financial job, Jordan he struggle to learn, that God thatched his hart and be obey his parent

Cat says,

Please pray for my husband to find a new job that is right for our family in the next 60 days before his current contract runs out. i am currently off work on ACC and we rely on his income.

Paulette says,

For a lttle girl called Immy. Been very ill in past just diagnosed with 3 brain tumors and one spinal tumor no earthly hope so a miracle please Jesus

Mark says,

Im 2.5 years into a marriage seperation, still struggling with the pain lonlyness and depression im a solo dad of 2kids and have lost hope and faith, im struggling to do the basics.

ketal patel says,

I am Ketal Patel from Gujarat in India . After study two year occur,but I have not job.I am given a exam for scientific assistant job in indian metro logical department on some time ago. .and result Will be come in next few days. please pray for m

Gabrielle says,

please pray for my panic attacks

Ju says,

Please pray for my cousin Mike who has a brain tumor and that he would receive salvation in Jesus and healing.