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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

lelane lungay says,

please pray for the people to be enlighten for the goodness of the lord.

heather says,

please pray,,, fykk ib attack everything inc myself feels like im on fire. full on attack God said tho i walk thru the fire i will not be harmed PLEAS PRAY FOR PROTECON ME MY FAMILY, KEISH N BILLY

heather says,

please pray,,, fykk ib attack everything inc myself feels like im on fire. full on attack God said tho i walk thru the fire i will not be harmed PLEAS PRAY FOR PROTECON ME MY FAMILY, KEISH N BILLY

Mischa says,

My daughters ecezma is very bad at the moment so prayers 4 healing would be awesome 😊 her name is sarai sa-rie thankyou bless yous

Mischa says,

my fiance doesnt want his patents at our wedding so i pray that he changes his mind and asks them to come b4 the 23rd of of jan

Damona says,

I feel like Samson lately. Being lead by my desires and distancing myself from God. I felt let down by God, but realize Im the one who let my Creator down. Praying for forgivness,grace, and mercy.

T says,

Please pray for peace & forgiveness in my situation. Please pray for guidance for myself and my children and pray that God opens new doors and closes old ones.

Paula says,

Pray for healing in broken relationships in my family. Pray that an abusive man Stephen will stop hurting family and there will be peace.

Anon says,

Please pray for a young mum who had sudden onset extreme pain in her head..having neurological tests. Thank you.

katrina says,

my son has a deep anger and bitterness inside, he is turning it against his siblings in a terrible way and is hurting us all terribly please God I give this battle to you in Jesus name

Trish says,

my friend urgently needs a Dance Teacher,(who can teach Contempory dance) with Term soon to start she is desperate THANKS

Trish says,

hi please pray for my brother for Salvation, & healing, he has a growth on the back of his neck attached to spine, also his left shoulder has collasped. He has had 3 Ops before, thanks :)

Karen says,

My son is away playing ice hockey for the NZ U20 team and has an ankle injury. He is the team goalie and needs his ankles to be working at full strength. Please pray for healing.

F says,

Please pray for physical healing and healing of a broken heart. May God strengthen and transform me to stay on the path towards the life he has planned for me.

Set free says,

Please pray for brett against anger, unforgiveness, hurt, bitterness, rage, resentment that hell b set free an healed an delivered in jesus name he is a very angry man an hurt. Amen

Pat says,

Please pray for my sons for good work & right place to live, mental health & wellbeing. Thank you.

LOis Harrison says,

Prayer please for my family to renew their commitment to God and for my daughter to experience success with the remainder of her schooling and for for more friends for her also.

Lois Harrison says,

Prayer please for a friend who is having major issues with her adult children and also for an improvement in her health and financial breakthrough.

Photinia says,

Please, pray for my family. Let us stay together strong in Christ through everything that life brings.

Ted Murray says,

After working in the slums of SE Asia for the last 5 years, Matthew Noon has fallen seriously ill, and now needs funds to to return home for treatment.

Katie says,

I am going to a bible study course in 2 weeks (for 3.5 months) and am very short of funds for this. Please pray for my trust in God to provide the funds, however that will happen

J says,

Praying for a normal pain free spine & to be able to have successful surgery if it is an option. To be able to sort my spine so I can have a pregnancy before to late/much older. Thank you.

Sherry Hughes says,

Pray Gods plan and will for my family and my life and I will understand receiving and move forward with it in Jesus Name.Amen Thanks In advance

Carol says,

Please pray for my Brother,he is unsaved & he nearly died.He had water in his lungs & a bad infection thru his body.He has pulled thru it.And he is unsaved.My sister needs prayer to please (her heart)

Nigel says,

please pray for Nigels deliverance he gave his heart to Jesus but is now in a suicidal state, smoking canabis and drinking alcohol. is now on heavy antidepression medications and is paranoid

Lidia says,

Request for a better family atmosphere and co-operation. Also for the health of each of us, as we can all improve our lifestyles by making healthy changes and new habits. Accepting Jesus everyday.

eve says,

Please pray for my Dad Peter Veringa .... He is turning 91 this year and refuses to believe so needs to accept Jesus into his heart... I get the feeling that he is very very scared of dying.

Eric says,

Desire creative restorative physical healing to joints and teeth and internal organs, also desire financial movement as am trading, also need wife

Anon says,

Please pray for my children, all to be restored to faith & every health issue to be healed.

Prayin for ever1 says,

i declare new beginnings, a new love for u GOD, a new desire to serve u, new mindset, new understanding of your word, new love for people, new heart for the sick, hurt an lonely. For evr1 reading amen

jay says,

I need to be convinced that God really loves me enough to deliver me from my backslidden ways ,smoking and drinking,just to sleep...I still go to church and love to worship...please intercede for me

Insight/ decern says,

Please pray that the lord will give me a deeper love for the WORD, his people & the gifts, insight & decernment to what he wants me to see in the SPIRIT. Thanks. Blessings all happy new year xo

marie grace says,

Please pray that the strong violence against the children and women in this community is brought to an end. Please pray that all cooking of the p, the selling of the p and the transport of P ends now

Kelly T says,

please pray for me in all areas of life,health,relationships,financial,financial opportunties and strengthening of my faith God Bless

Rachel says,

Prayer appreciated for Hope Rising Farm Ch Trust. We work with at-risk kids using horses and donkeys. Due to the need, we need a new and bigger farm to do our work. Many thanks! [email protected]

Paris says,

I need prayer for a Full time to be provided by God that he will bless me in this month of Jan with the right job, right time and the right meaning. Thank you.

John S says,

new car please

John S says,

money for rates and house insurance please

Emma says,

Please seek the Lord for better health for my son and I. We are overweight and need to honour God with our lifestyle choices. I sincerely hope for a break through with this as our health is suffering

Anon says,

I pray for world peace, good health to my family and friends. And that you guide me in your will for my studies.

Katrina says,

my son is having problems in the work place, due to his faith. the boss has cut his hours back each day and is making life difficult in every way. please God show favour to him Amen

Anonnymous says,

Hi, Please pray for spiritual protection for Keisha, Billy and I and also physical help for shifting,and cleaning by the 18th January as I have fibromyalgia and back issues which keep me down at times

Kaitlyn says,

I want to testify on how Dr Great saved my marriage from divorce if you are going through divorce or any problem email him at [email protected]

Kerry says,

Pray for protection over our marriage that it will be a less arguments and more blessing. Also pray for my dear and loving husband and for our health

Graham says,

Pray for my dear mum who is in a resthome, pray that she continues to keep well through this new year

Kerry says,

Pray for my girlfriend who has been going through hard time with the loss of her mum just before Christmas then just after Christmas her dad had a bad stroke has lost his memory and eye sight

Irene says,

healing pray for my youngest sister who is missing our father, who passed away. The saddest in her heart, can now be seen in her eyes...

Irene says,

pray for my brother, who has drug addiction, to see his error and for all his children.

Irene says,

to make me a better person and to take care of my elderly mother with honor...

Irene says,

please pray with me, to remember to put Jehovah God first everyday and let Jesus guide my steps..