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All the links for our show for Friday, 15th March 2019!

Interesting things we talked about...

We had a bit for fun celebrating St Patricks Day early!
joy and kat
 Before all the festivities focused on shamrocks and leprechauns and good luck wishes, there was truly something to celebrate: a man willing to stand in the gap for Jesus Christ. Read more about this fascinating story of St Patrick here
We wrote some limericks as a challenge to each other. This is what we came up with;


We decided one day to write
A limerick but then – a fright!
My teammates got creative
I’m not appreciative
Because I’ve only got one to recite

At times I can’t sleep at night
Louds cars, loud laughs and loud fights!
Even though I try
To forgive those outside
I plot my revenge with delight


Jane lived with some goats on a farm
She fed them and kept them from harm
Then all of a sudden
One goat pushed a button
And triggered the fire alarm!

The firetruck sped to the spot
All the goats ran away at a trot
"Wait, a goat set this off?"
The fireman said with a scoff,
"Yeah," Jane sighed" it happens more often than not

The firemen packed up their machine
But the goats still nowhere to be seen
Jane left with a bill in her hand
Started searching her land
To find where her goats could've been

She found one, hid under her fence
Jane yelled "Have you got any sense?"
The goat said "I'm sorry,
"I didn't want you to worry,
The whole situation just seemed really tense".

Said Jane "See this? Look what you've done"
This whole thing has cost me a ton
The goat trying, to stay hidden
Said "Hey I was really just kiddin'
Yea, all that to just use the pun

There once was a boy named Paddy
Slave to priates on an island with no daddy
as a shepherd he found the lord,
used a shamrock to teach the word,
now there's a day where green is the faddy.
Three fine people Dan Joy and Kat
Wake up before day dawns to chat
hoping you hear something fun
smile before your days begun
And be ready for peace or combat.
There once was a young girl named Joy,
who always asked for one toy
'twas the elusive Theresa
Barbie couldn't please her
And she parents did she annoy!
Dan was a lad who was picky,
wouldn't eat anything new or sticky
til one day the bread shop was shut
his mum made him bite a donut
And then he knew what he was missing.
Facebook Clip of March that Mountain:


Joy is still working on cycling to Rhema. She agreed to this stair challenge yesterday that Kat convinced her would help her get up that hill to work.

 Your Rhema Verse of the Day:

psalm 119 v 1

Obeying God is not always fun – and certainly not joyful sometimes. You see people who do things their way and seem to get ahead, lie in interviews and get that job you wanted or perhaps cut corners with money and seem to get rich. But God's way leads to life and true joy in the freedom that Christ brings.

Today's verse is brought to you by the Bible society.

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