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Dan's New Outfits for Shineathon Featured

Plus all the links and extra bits from Holly & Dan for Wednesday August 9.

Make sure you're watching Shineathon next week (Sky 201 or Freeview 25) to see Dan's brand new outfits, as purchased by Holly & Maxene!

After hearing that EasyJet is releasing a 10-hour jet engine album to help people fall asleep, we asked you for your best tips and advice on how to fall asleep.
Liz says "Take Tart Cherry capsule 1 hour before bed. Makes melatonin to reset body clock for sleep. Also helps regenerate retina from exposure to computer and smartphones"
Holly talked about this concoction she has most nights, which stops her randomly waking up during the night - get the recipe here.
Joanna says "Create a playlist of "sleepy songs" and play it all night at the lowest possible volume. Play the same playlist everyday."
And classic Dad joke from Andrew: ""if you're struggling to fall asleep, lay on the edge of the bed... you'll soon drop off!!"

Talk about brave! Jamie Grace let her Dad put makeup on her...

We also chatted about naming your car (cos we're sure we're not the only ones who do this) - and discovered that Holly has this amazing ability to name inanimate objects (and also living objects, but mostly cars, boats, stuff like that...) - so if you ever have anything you want named by Holly, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll put it to her on air!

An Australian woman lost her wedding ring in the largest sand dune dessert in the world - 6 months later, someone found it and handed it in.

Here are some ways to ‘detox’ from your smartphone addiction (maybe go for a phone-free weekend!) 
▪ Get a watch – some of us use the fact that we need to check the time as an excuse to pull the phone out. But in some circles, watches are coming back into vogue.
▪ Spend more time WITH the people you like – Phones keep us connected, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually SEE the people that we are staying connected to? 
▪ Uninstall social media apps – Try it and you’ll notice how much time you were spending on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram etc. 
▪ Make a ‘to-do’ list….on actual paper – it will help you set and achieve goals each day AND keep you from checking your phone for that list. 

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