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Love Doc.

Hi Love Doctor, this is a bit of a strange question but I really need help in knowing how to deal with this.  My wifes parents are strongly aligned to one political party while I am wanting to use my vote for a party at the other end of the political spectrum.  I have not bought this up with them, however they know my position and seem to bring it  up every time we see them.  I wouldn't worry so much however I know from past elections this can go on for months afterwards.  How do I maintain relationships with my inlaws while sticking with my political convictions?


Hi Love Doctor I'm a single girl in my 30's.  I am content in my single status and don't feel the need to have a boyfriend or husband to complete me. Despite this my friends/church community and family always feel the need to bring my single status up and want to set me up with other singles.  I'm really tired of this how do I tell them to stop?

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