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Love Doc

I am a single dad of three who has the kids every second week. Just recently I have meet a woman to whom I am interested in getting to know better. She doesn't have kids and seems to resent when my children are around. Other than this she and I get on really well and I am keen to pursue this further. Should I just give her more time to warm to them, or is this a deal breaker?
Signed confused....


My boyfriend is really social and I'm more into staying at home with tv and books.  This means we are often in conflict over what to do on a Friday night. Can you suggest any way to find a middle ground on this.


Young Gardener of the Year



Andrew Keaney is the executive general manager NZ produce at T&G Global.
Following reports that over a third of Kiwi kids are overweight or obese, Garden to Table and T&G are proud to be changing the way New Zealand children think about food with the launch of the inaugural T&G Garden to Table Young Gardener of the Year Awards.