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The Church in Nigeria

Christians are being smashed and squeezed out of their lands in Northern Nigeria. Everyone from Boko Haram to Fulani herdsman are killing Christians on almost a weekly basis at the moment.  Andrew talked with Bill Biddle from Open Doors.



Climate Change

People living in poverty contribute least to the problem of climate change; but they are the ones hit first and hardest by its devastating effects.
Around the world Tearfund and our partners work alongside communities living in poverty battling the impacts of changes to their environment. Climate change and natural disasters destroy belongings and livelihoods; disease becomes more prevalent during heatwaves, floods, or droughts; crops fail because of reduced rainfall; and food prices soar following extreme weather events.


Post-Natal Depression

As many as one in five expecting or new mums suffer from depression in New Zealand, and the issue is being highlighted this week for Post-Natal Depression Week. Talking about this issue and around post natal depression exerienced by men is Kristina Paterson, a registered nurse with many years of experience including paediatric nursing and Plunket nursing. She is the founder of Mothers Helpers - an organisation to help mothers under stress.