Living Wisdom

Tom talks to author and counsellor David Riddell from the "Living Wisdom School of Counselling" about a range of truth coaches from David's experience as a counsellor to bring truth into our daily lives.

“Labelling people and children is the most natural thing in the world. It is also the most destructive! Children grow into labels.”

“Do not insist that repentance occurs prior to receiving Christ. It is rather the awareness of His love that enables us to change.”

“Don’t say yes when part of you is saying ‘no’ It will always cause a back-lash. Stop and resolve the ambivalence now.”

“Is every one of your beliefs and opinions correct?  Those that are not will be causing you pain, anxiety and frustration.”

“Are you struggling with a bad habit or desire? Remember that God will only deliver us from our enemies, not our friends.”



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