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Handling Difficult Times Featured

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Handling Difficult Times


Clip from Danny Gugliamucci sharing about how we can trust God no matter what we dark and tragic stuff we are going through and his amazing personal story.

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We support international autism day today by wearing blue and encourage you to extend understanding for those who struggle with this broad spectrum disorder, that affects each person with a different set of strengths and challenges. Read more about it here in the hope that you can be a better friend to those who need your support.


 Your Rhema Verse of the Day:

phil 3v 10 to 11

"Know" is the Greek verb ginōskō, "to arrive at a knowledge of someone or something -- know, know about, make acquaintance of." This knowledge is not some cryptic enlightenment, but a growing personal relationship. A real knowledge of who someone is. Paul expresses here that he wants to know Christ in his fullness even if it is sometimes painful, even if it costs him something. 

He longs not only to know Christ, but also: he seeks to experience God's power the same power that resurrected Christ. We celebrate this victory at Easter time which is around the corner and when Christ returns we will experience the resurrection of our bodies. Whether we've been buried, or cremated, or still alive at Christ's appearing it doesn't matter. God's power will create for us new resurrection bodies and that is something to be excited about!

Christ's physical body was raised on the third day; the tomb was empty. The disciples could touch him, feel his hands and feet, and observe him eat food. The physical. But it was more. Jesus in his resurrection body entered locked rooms and ascended into heaven. We Christians are promised a new body by God, who "will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body"

Do you long to know Jesus better - really know him? That is my longing, too, so today let us pray this prayer. Lord Jesus, We look forward to these new and refreshed bodies and in the meantime we pray that you draw us closer to you, into a deeper relationship that fills that thirst for the living water that only you provide.

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