The Morning Wakeup's 40 Hour Famine! Featured

This year Leanna, Bjorn and Josh are taking part in the 40 Hour Famine for 2019! This year, you write the rules - so you'll get to pick the team's famines! More on that to come...


Thousands of young lives have been affected by conflict in South Sudan. Children have had to flee for their lives across the border to Uganda, becoming refugees. The things they've seen and experienced are hard to imagine and even harder to forget.

That's why this 40 Hour Famine we are supporting the children of South Sudan - and we are all completing different challenges for the famine in 2019.

With your support, we can help bring life-saving essentials like food and clean water, as well as, foster care and education for the children of South Sudan. Please make sure you donate to our campaign here: https://my.worldvision.org.nz/d/ss/bIXGMm/life-fm 

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