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Leanna, Bjorn and Josh: Lady Leanna Featured

The Best of the Morning Wake Up Podcast The Best of the Morning Wake Up Podcast

All the links for our show for Thursday, 10th October 2019!

Leanna, Bjorn and Josh:Lady Leanna


The Morning Wake-Up and Bjorn is back; we find out find out whether Josh gets whipped, Leanna has a flat drama and Bjorn meets a famous All Black plus listeners tales of services-interrupted...All that and's how we start our day!


 Your Rhema Verse of the Day: 

Here’s today’s Bible Society verse of the day ..

From Isaiah, chapter 40, verse 28, "Have you not known? Have you not heard? The God Who lives forever is the Lord, the One Who made the ends of the earth. He will not become weak or tired. His understanding is too great for us to begin to know."

And from the Maori Bible;

"Kahore koe i mohio? kahore koe i rongo, ko te Atua onamata, ko Ihowa, ko te Kaihanga o nga pito o te whenua, e kore ia e ngenge, e kore ia e mauiui? e kore tona matauranga e taea te rapu."

Today's verse is brought to you by the Bible society.

Ever wished the Bible came with a field manual? Well, it’s here! The Field Guide to the Bible will help you make some sense of what can be a challenging book. Check out more at

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