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Leanna, Bjorn and Josh: Prickle Picking

The Best of the Morning Wake Up Podcast The Best of the Morning Wake Up Podcast

All the links for our show for Monday the 10th February 2020!

Leanna, Bjorn and Josh:Prickle Picking

The Morning Wake-Up where Leanna has a nail-biter of a Waitangi tale, Josh rocks out with his Fishing Song a 'Now that's what I call bible' banger and Boris takes Bjorn's spot and gets a little out of control ...all that and more. It's how we start our day!

Your Rhema Verse of the Day: 

Here’s today’s Bible Society verse of the day ...

From Mark Chapter 3 verses 34-35 "He turned to those sitting around Him and said, “See! My mother and My brothers!  Whoever does what My Father wants is My brother and My sister and My mother.” New Life Version (NLV)

And from the Maori Bible; "Na ka tirotiro ia ki te hunga e noho ana i tetahi taha ona, i tetahi taha, ka mea, Na, toku whaea, oku teina! Ki te meatia hoki e tetahi ta te Atua i pai ai, hei teina ia ki ahau, hei tuahine, hei whaea."

Today's verse is brought to you by the Bible society.

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