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Leanna, Bjorn and Josh: A Morning of Prayer

The Best of the Morning Wake Up Podcast The Best of the Morning Wake Up Podcast

All the links for our show for Monday the 23rd March 2020!

Leanna, Bjorn and Josh:A Morning of Prayer

Leanna, Bjorn and Josh have a plethora of special guests joining them for a morning of prayer for our Nation; Ps Paul De Jong, Petra Bagust, Strahan to name just a few plus more Senior Pastors, Public servants, Musicians ... All that and more. It's how we start our day!

Your Rhema Verse of the Day: 

Here’s today’s Bible Society verse of the day ...

From James Chapter 1 verse 27 "Religion that is pure and good before God the Father is to help children who have no parents and to care for women whose husbands have died who have troubles. Pure religion is also to keep yourself clean from the sinful things of the world."

And from the Maori Bible: "Ko te karakia pono, ko te mea pokekore ki te aroaro o te Atua matua, ko ia tenei, Ko te tirotiro i nga pani i nga pouaru i o ratou mate, ko te tiaki i a ia ake kei poke i te ao."

Today's verse is brought to you by the Bible society.

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