Jamie Grace Writes Song For Girl Whose Father Has Passed

As part of her '91 Days' project, where she is covering or recording a new song each day, she wrote this beautiful tear-jerking track:



verse one

i miss you in the morning before i go off to school

when i see my brother brush his hair the way you taught him to

and i miss you in the evening when we sit down to eat

no matter how much time goes by i still don't like the empty seat


no one could love me like you really loved me

doesn't take magic to know that we had it

oh i know that you're gone from this world...

but i'll always be my daddy's girl

verse two

i'll never get to tell you what it's like to be 13

and you won't see another futbol game while i cheer and my brother plays

but i have a box of photos and happy memories and even if it makes me sad sometimes

it's better than nothing bridge now i gotta tell you i miss you more than i could say

and my mama and my brother they get me through each day

and then there's grandaddy he's patient and he's kind

i wish that you could see the way he's stepped into my life

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