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You're in God's waiting room 1

'Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him.' Psalm 37:7 NKJV

When you're in a doctor's waiting room there are things you shouldn't do - like try to treat other patients, or have them treat you. Or ask the receptionist for a stethoscope or a blood pressure cuff. And it wouldn't be wise to ask the person sitting next to you, 'What prescriptions are you taking? Perhaps I could try them.' It's called a waiting room because you're supposed to wait.

But we don't like to wait. We weave through traffic looking for a faster lane. We drum our fingers on the worktop while the microwave heats our coffee: 'Come on, come on.' We don't like to wait for anything, including God. Over and over in Scripture when it speaks about our relationship with God, the word 'wait' keeps showing up. And here's what we fail to understand: while we are waiting, God is working. Jesus said, 'My Father is always at his work' (John 5:17 NIV).

The sign on God's waiting room reads 'Be still, and know that I am God' (Psalm 46:10 NIV). You can be still because he is active, and you can rest because he is busy. To wait, biblically speaking, is not to assume the worst, or worry, or fret, or make demands, or take control. Waiting is not inactivity. Waiting is sustained effort to stay focused on God through prayer and faith. To wait is to 'rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him...not fret' (Psalm 37:7 NKJV). God is the Great Physician. You are in his waiting room. He knows what ails you better than you do, and he has a prescription to fix it. So trust him, and wait.

Soulfood: Jer 33:1 - 36:26, Luke 6:1-16, Ps 137, Pro 15:15-17


It's not too late 2

'Your old men will dream dreams.' Joel 2:28 NLT

World champion boxer George Foreman was raised in a Christian home, and eventually he came back to his roots - but not before he tried the world of gangs, drugs and violence. Recognising not only his physical prowess, but also his potential, a friend suggested he join a local gym to work out his aggression in a more constructive way. That led to his becoming a world heavyweight champion boxer, and making millions of dollars. But the career of a world champion boxer is relatively short, and eventually Foreman, aging and overweight, reached the place where the only fights he could get paid just a few thousand dollars. He desperately needed to lose weight and get back in shape. A friend introduced him to a healthy diet, and part of his new eating regimen involved using a little grill. One day Foreman's wife suggested that instead of simply using the grill for himself, he should put his name on it and others would buy it. And they did! Over 100 million George Foreman grills have been sold, and people are still buying them. Think about it. George Foreman made more money with his little grill than he made as a prizefighter.

The Bible says that when the Holy Spirit empowers them, 'your old men will dream dreams' (Joel 2:28 NLT). So regardless of your age, it's not too late for you. Just get down on your knees today and pray, 'Lord, all that I have and all that I am, I give fully to you. Use me as you see fit.' And when he answers, be prepared for him to take you in a whole new direction.

Soulfood: Jer 31-32, Luke 5:27-39, Ps 122, Pro 15:10-14


It's not too late 1

'Your you power to be successful.' Deuteronomy 8:18 NLT

The famous inventor Samuel Morse dreamed of one day becoming a great painter. He even travelled to Paris in the pursuit of his dream. Years before, his preacher father, Jedediah Morse, had counselled him, using the words of the Earl of Chesterfield: 'Attend to one thing at a time. The steady, undissipated attention to one object is the sure mark of a superior genius.' As a result, Morse threw himself into painting. But after a series of setbacks, he finally abandoned it. The crushing moment came when he lost the appointment to paint a historic mural at the capital in Washington, D.C., and he gave up painting entirely. Writing about Samuel Morse in his book The Greater Journey, historian David McCullough says: 'He must attend to one thing at a time, his father had preached. The "one thing" henceforth would be his telegraph...Had he not stopped painting when he did, no successful electromagnetic telegraph would have happened when it did, or at least not a Morse electromagnetic telegraph.' Relatively late in his career, Samuel Morse gave up painting to focus on inventing the telegraph, and, eventually, a language called Morse code that transformed how the world communicates.

The Bible says, 'The Lord your God... is the one who gives you power to be successful' (Deuteronomy 8:18 NLT). And here's the good news - there's no age limit with God! He can give you success at the beginning, in the middle, or at the very end of your life. But in order to grasp the thing at which you will succeed, you must be willing to let go of the thing at which you have failed.

Soulfood: Jer 28-30, Luke 5:12-26, Ps 110, Pro 15:8-9

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