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Sound financial advice 2

' the good years...Otherwise this famine will destroy the land.' Genesis 41:35, 36 NLT

Joseph gave Pharaoh some sound financial advice that we would all do well to live by: 'Gather into the royal storehouses all the excess crops of the next seven years, so that there will be enough to eat when the seven years of famine come. Otherwise, disaster will surely strike' (Genesis 41:35-36 TLB). And how did Pharaoh respond? 'Joseph's suggestions were well received by Pharaoh' (Genesis 41:37 TLB).

Your future security is guaranteed if you practise these three scriptural principles: (1) Tithe. '"Bring all the tithes into the storehouse...If you do," says the Lord of Heaven's armies, "I will open the windows of Heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won't have enough room to take it in! Try it! Put me to the test!"' (Malachi 3:10 NLT). (2) Save. Discipline yourself to invest a percentage of your income in savings. Don't worry that it's a modest amount, just make it a priority! If you don't, you'll spend it on other things and never achieve your long-term goals for college, retirement or helping the work of the Lord. (3) Get out of debt. After tithing to God and saving for the future, strive to pay off all your financial obligations. Stop paying the bare minimum on your credit cards. By not repaying them in full every month, you end up paying much more than you should. Put as much as you can towards retiring outstanding debt, even if you have to stretch yourself and do without a few things for a while. In the long run, you'll be way ahead.

Soulfood: Num 34-36 Mt 13:47-58 Ps 138 Pro 4:14-17,

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